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Whether you’re a business looking for quality coffee for your staff and clients, or a busy café looking for quality bean supply, training and technical support - we have proven product, systems and solutions for all your coffee needs.


We know what it takes to run a busy café - our roaster is in the middle of one of Christchurch’s busiest. That means we have our customers and our baristas right there giving us feedback on our coffee as we roast - this feedback cycle has formed us into who we are today.
Our continuous improvement occurs  by tweaking our blend to get that enveloping flavour our customers come back for, and monitoring our roast to deliver the high standards our baristas demand.


When it comes to kicking off your new café or changing your coffee supplier, we've isolated five things that are the foundation for getting it right.

1.       Equipment – get the equipment that suits your volume.  Getting this wrong causes either inferior customer service or unnecessary cost to your operation.  

2.       Training – You need the right staff, with the right mix of skills and training to match in order to make your investment in quality machinery and beans worthwhile.  

3.       Perfectly roasted beans - every time. We’ve got this down to a fine art. It matters to us in our cafe too.

4.       Workstation efficiency – a well thought through workstation will enhance your baristas’ efficiency and make your customer experience far superior. 

5.       On-going support. – we deliver coffee and service your machines – fixing little problems you may face on the go or organizing any major repairs quickly to minimise downtime.  

But enough reading.  
Let's get down to business.
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