Our Story 


Established in 2008, Jail Breaker Roastery is part of Liminal, a larger organisation formed around strong values of fair and ethical ways of doing business.  

As you'd expect, we're obsessed with quality coffee and an impeccable standard of service.  But beneath the aroma, our brand delivers something unique amongst New Zealand Roasters.  

We commit to redistributing 70% of the profits our enterprises generate back to the local community and to some of the producers and communities overseas that create the products we sell. The other 30% is reinvested into the business. Our shareholders don't take a cent in dividends. Since 2008, around $900,000 has been redistributed in this way. 

Profit Allocation

Since 2008, around $900,000 has been redistributed in this way.

For us, the bottom line for business should be people - not the ultimate wellbeing of shareholders through insatiable profit grabbing.
It's now no secret that the people missing out in the global business chain are the producers and manufacturers in the 'majority world'. Our business model seeks to correct this imbalance as best we can through running a sustainable business here in the West, with a high level of product quality and service delivery.

It’s not a matter of generosity, it’s about the profits of our business going back to the producers to whom they really belong.

Alongside our redistribution, we strive to build a sense of belonging in our local community and with people around the world who are part of what we do.  We provide healthy and meaningful employment both locally and globally.
Through our business values, coffee growers are helping themselves get out of poverty; children in our local schools have better resources; people in our community who have had a tough life are able to work & thrive; and women wanting to get out of the sex trade in Kolkata, India have choice of employment and freedom.

By purchasing Jail Breaker coffee
you become part of this story too.