Our team

We're passionate about good coffee but we also believe it’s the people and places behind the cup that make that experience special. We strive to create a place of belonging for our customers, the cafes we supply, and (from a distance) those that grow our beans.


Vernon and John are the lifeblood of the roastery. They're dedicated to ensuring the roast is consistently perfect and your beans are delivered on time. They also consult on café setups and bring swift solutions to any coffee and technical problems that may arise.

John heads up the management of the roastery - he likes to stay hands-on and can be found roasting in the corner of the café on a weekly basis. 

Vernon’s the roasting specialist, barista trainer, and can also be found behind the bar in our flagship café - Addington Coffee Co-op

Photo wizard Stefan captured Vernon roasting some small batch single origins on our 5kg Probat.